December 26, 2007

Stocks 4.0 - How Young Adults Can Secure Their Financial Future

Congratulations are due to Joe Spinella, one of our most prolific authors!

We are releasing his third financial guide book, Stocks 4.0 today, both in paperback and ebook editions.

As Joe -- who is also a highly successful individual investor on his own -- demonstrates, 1,000 thousand dollars invested long-term in the right companies like Wal*Mart, McDonald's, Intel, Microsoft, and Best Buy can produce outstanding results. How? By realizing that "Investment is not a sprint: it's a journey that can take a lifetime."

It certainly has not taken him a lifetime, but less than a year, to write this book, which we think is the best from him to date. We have been discussing the possibility of combining it with his second title, the Chestnut and Cedar Stock Report - Investment Handbook for Young Adults, to create a truly comprehensive edition, dedicated to young (and young at heart) adults. Way to go, Joe!

Stocks 4.0, and Joe Spinella's other books and e-books are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million, Powell's and other stores, including our web site.

September 18, 2007

Million Dollar Web TV Press Release live on PRWeb, Google News, Yahoo News, and AP

Front Page Web Video of Your Own for 10 Years

Built and managed by us, Million Dollar Web TV's press release went live today on PRWeb, Google News, Yahoo News, the Assocated Press and a host of other sites.

Our developers from Israel and India have done an outstanding job. Its time to acknowledge their contribution. Here it is to their, and their creation's success!

Combining two concepts: Pay-per-pixel advertising and web video delivery was a design challenge we tackled first on the net, as far as I know. Not to mention that we also developed another "web first:" Profit sharing for all member advertisers.

Last, but not least, is the News Blog. It informs you in real time about everything they are working on to market and operate Million Dollar Web TV. It is an open adventure -- literally an open web TV ad-venture -- where you and everyone else can prosper.

July 21, 2007

Our First Web 2.0 Site Is Going Live Today

For the rest of us, Web 2.0 is supposed to mean the second generation Internet: More personalized. More interactive. More social. And yes, more commercialized. (Do you consider this an advancement?) Much easier to build websites. Blogs. Vlogs (video blogs). YouTube. MySpace. Facebook. You get the picture....

With video starting to take over the cyberwaves a year ago, we realized we had to make our mark in this latest brave new world. So we conceived of an inexpensive, easy to use, self-serve web video advertising service. In our press release we say:

"Everyone now has the opportunity to get front page web video exposure on, for a minimum of 10 years. Promote your site, blog, MySpace, Facebook, or other social networking pages, products and services the web way: Easily and inexpensively."

Now we can truly say we are new media publishing company. Bubbly, anyone?

P.S. This does NOT mean we've abandoned "traditional" and e-publishing. As a matter of fact, we just signed a contract two days ago to release a new title, "Stocks 3.0" from our favorite financial author, Joe Spinella. (Yes, we already had a party for that occassion....)

June 24, 2007

Welcome to Our Latest .TV Domains

Our parent company, A.I. Labs, has just acquied 7 more premier .tv domains for our up-and-coming Intenet TV network coglomerate (Google-YouTube, Viacom, Fox Interactive, etc, etc, beware!): - - - - - -,

in addition to the ones we've already had: - - - - -, and

Interested in investing or co-developing these properties with us? Leave us a comment.

May 13, 2007

You Know How To Love

We just finished and posted this long promised song video, "You Know How To Love," on Love Show By June:

This is one of the blogs and websites we have designed and maintain for our most prolific author and artist, June Marshall. The show is still in the works. We expect to start webcasting it in early 2008. June says: "In the meantime, to make up for this slippage, let me entertain you with the love song I wrote and perform in my albums, The Dirty Seven and Booby Trapped.

Enjoy her music. There is much more where it comes from!

April 8, 2007

Million Dollar Web TV - A New Blog for an Upcoming Site is our first large iTV project in the works. You can read, hear, and see everything that's going into its development, marketing, sales, operation, etc., on its news blog, we just installed. This is an adventure you don't want to miss! Why? Because it literally is an AD VENTURE. That is a web TV ad venture....

Ads with videos will be online for a minimum of 10 years. Channel owners will also receive a Profit Share Certificate, entitling them for a proportional share of profits accruing from the operation or sale of the business.

So tune in - and if you have a web presence or business, tune it up with an ad on

March 22, 2007

Get your ARC of Spiritual Entrepreneuring Now!

Check out our new addition to Bioxy Source's web site, where you can read about and request an Advance Reader Copy of Dr. Rao Kolluru's latest book, Spiritual Entrepreneuring.

The title springs from the author's belief that business can be a powerful transforming force for the greater good. It embodies the old-fashioned notion of "Doing Well by Doing Good." (People say of Quakers that they came to Philadelphia to do good and ended up doing well.)

Spirituality might mean different things to different people. For some, it is trust in God and in the basic human nature to do the right thing. A deep sense of Oneness, kinship with all humanity. For others, it may be transcending the limits of what is known. The words spirit and spirituality come from the Latin root spirare meaning breath or inspiration.

Entrepreneur, from the Latin and French roots, is one who seizes the moment and undertakes risks in creating a new enterprise.

Does spirituality have a place in business?

Yes. As you will see from The TELUS Mobility Story, the spiritual principles in this book do succeed in the “real world.”

Spiritual entrepreneuring is expressed through what the author calls the S-element. The S-element symbolizes what you Stand for, what makes you Stand out. It is through the power of the S-connection that people and companies gain lasting competitive advantage.

We will provide direct links to Amazon as soon as the book becomes available. In the meantime, please spread the word - the S-Connection, if you will - if you too find the Advance Copy valuable.

January 29, 2007

Our Heartful Thanks to Mr. Hart

Having written his "Grandpa and the Computer" book when he was 82 years old in 2001, our truly senior author has decided to hang up his author hat now, in January 2007! His "senior to senior" computer lesson book was hailed by experts, readers, and the press alike at its publication in 2002. Sandy Berger, AARP's reviewer, had this to say:

"With a down to earth, witty writing style, James Hart tells you where to start first (no surprise, it is turning on the computer) and continues right on through the learning process. His instructions make computing easy, fruitful, and fun rather than hard and complicated. Because it worked for him, Hart explains how to unlock the Internet and e-mail world. His loneliness vanished when he was e-mailing pen pals, family, and friends. Next, he concentrates on Search and the Web browser program, opening up a whole new world.

Conquering the computer was a job well done. Writing this book was another job well done. Hart’s approach deserves my Compu-KISS® of approval. My Compu-KISS® philosophy of "The Computer World, Keeping It Short and Simple" goes hand in hand with Mr. Hart’s approach. His "Grandpa and the Computer" removes the intimidating aspects of computers and shows how computers can open a new world to anyone at any age. His invitation to join him in the computing world is warm and convincing."

"Grandpa and the Computer" was also recommended by Sree, the Tech Guru of WABC/Channel 7 "As a book you may want to get for seniors who are new to computers."

It has been our privilege to be your publisher, Grandpa Hart!

January 15, 2007

Smart Books for Smart Phones

It had to happen. Mobile news, stock reports, movies, shows, and videos. Now mobile books. Mobile ebooks, that is. So read some of our best selling titles on your smartphone or cell phone, while you are commuting, traveling, waiting, or relaxing. Now you can. Anyhere. Anytime. They are available fom our new smartphone book store:

Our Smartphone Bookstore

If you have purchased a ringtone, downloaded it to your computer, and transferred it to you smartphone or cell phone, you already know what to do. You can visit our partner, for more information. The logo you see in this posting is also theirs.

We'll be posting new titles as they become available. Stay tuned.

January 2, 2007

The Making of

Check out our new blog, Another blog you say? Why bother - there are over 1.5 million blogs out there now!

Because Internet TV is in its infancy. We will use this blog to share the joy, pain, and sometimes plain stupidity (ours) that creeps in while making it happen. Making iTV is new. Making iTV is exciting. Making iTV is fun and can be profitable. Let’s find out together.

You’ll learn what we learn. You’ll see what we see, mash up, or dish out. On Dish TV one day, that is. Join our blog and community. Add your comments, questions, tips, and stories. Use ours to shorten your learning curve. iTV is taking over the cyberwaves. Surf is up at:

Make iTV


January 1, 2007

Born in 2006 - The first news-video generator bot

This just in (at least for me):

From the Intelligent Information Laboratory (InfoLab) at Northwestern University comes News at Seven, an automatic system that crafts daily news shows. It finds the news you are interested in; edits it; finds relevant images, videos, and external opinions; and then presents it all using a virtual news team working in a virtual studio. News at Seven is a uniquely compelling experience that can present traditional news--augmented with supplemental images, videos, and opinions from the blogosphere ALL WITHOUT HUMAN INTERVENTION....

Check it out at: News at Seven

[PT = my personal take]: And the next step will be to tap into the webcams all over the world, relegating us to writing commentaries, until that gets automated...which will become really horrific when the authoring software far right (not left, of course) tendencies....

Yes, and a Happy 2007 to you too!