March 22, 2007

Get your ARC of Spiritual Entrepreneuring Now!

Check out our new addition to Bioxy Source's web site, where you can read about and request an Advance Reader Copy of Dr. Rao Kolluru's latest book, Spiritual Entrepreneuring.

The title springs from the author's belief that business can be a powerful transforming force for the greater good. It embodies the old-fashioned notion of "Doing Well by Doing Good." (People say of Quakers that they came to Philadelphia to do good and ended up doing well.)

Spirituality might mean different things to different people. For some, it is trust in God and in the basic human nature to do the right thing. A deep sense of Oneness, kinship with all humanity. For others, it may be transcending the limits of what is known. The words spirit and spirituality come from the Latin root spirare meaning breath or inspiration.

Entrepreneur, from the Latin and French roots, is one who seizes the moment and undertakes risks in creating a new enterprise.

Does spirituality have a place in business?

Yes. As you will see from The TELUS Mobility Story, the spiritual principles in this book do succeed in the “real world.”

Spiritual entrepreneuring is expressed through what the author calls the S-element. The S-element symbolizes what you Stand for, what makes you Stand out. It is through the power of the S-connection that people and companies gain lasting competitive advantage.

We will provide direct links to Amazon as soon as the book becomes available. In the meantime, please spread the word - the S-Connection, if you will - if you too find the Advance Copy valuable.