May 17, 2008

Do You Need Photo Quality Hard Cover Editions?

We decided we did, if for no other reason but to keep up with the latest in online publishing technologies. Here is the scoop about one of the Print-on-Demand web services that have made a splash lately:

I found the work flow to design a new edition of one of our titles straightforward, YET time consuming. Just follow the steps to see why:

1. Register at
2. You download and install the free book design software (Mac / Windows).
3. Play around to figure out how it works.
4. Find the layouts closest to the ones you use.
5. Redo and/or resize images to Blurb's requirements.
6. Transfer images into Blurb's content directory.
7. Design your cover.
8. Lay out each page separately.
9. Transfer image(s) and text page by page.
10. Proof on screen
11. Upload to your account in
12. Set price, add description, activate Preview
13. Check out you book in the Blurb store. Save the link to it.
14. Place order for one book, to use as your proof copy.
15. Re-proof after receipt. Make corrections as needed.
16. Upload and register your final copy on Blurb.
17. Use the built-in email and social bookmarking links for marketing.


A) Make your images at least 300 dpi, 400 pixels minimum on shorter side.
C) Upload in off-hours if your book layout file is larger than 20 MB.
D) Prices are not outrageous, but are definitely on the high side. Quality is excellent, though.

Took us about 20 hours total to create and set up the third hardcover edition of From Love to Triumph. We've already switched over to it in our iBook store. It's an absolutely gorgeous "coffee table" book for $49.95.

Go peruse it now - you'll see what I mean when I say it's a gorgeous book!