September 9, 2008

The Real Deal -- See How Cool This E-Ink Magazine Cover Is!

Why do I cover this cover to avidly? What’s the big deal, you ask? How about this technology’s ability to:

• Make printing totally obsolete?
• Converge books, magazines, newspapers, video, and movies in one medium?
• Stream all this content free to you, if you’re willing to be buried in ads?

Since you’ll probably won’t find Esquire's 75th Anniversary issue on newsstands, here's a video of what the VERY FIRST E-Ink cover looks like.

Want to learn more about the very first E-Ink cover, as well as how to recycle and potentially even hack the issue? Visit the links below.

• How the E-Ink Cover Was Made

• How to Recycle the October Issue

• Can You Hack Esquire's E-Ink Cover?

Video cast credit: YouTube. And no, it doesn't play on the cover. Yet.