July 4, 2009

Predatoress Unleashed on the 4th of July

In a global first, we announced yesterday at the Center for Independent Publishing in New York the release of Predatoress, together with its companion wine, Blood™. The latest in the blockbuster vampire genre, Predatoress is now available online and in stores; and at Predatoress.com in a custom gift box with Blood™.

Written by a gifted and beautiful college freshman, Emma, this is the story of how she is victimized by a vampire in Transdanubia, Hungary. In turn, she selfishly vampirizes her three best friends for companionship in her nightly quest for human blood. The predatoress is born.

As she becomes a blood-thirsty vampire, she constantly questions her morality as she foists herself upon victim after victim. Compelled by survival and unwilling to tread this path alone, she vampirizes my three best friends, Kati, Gizi, and Eszti. She goes on bloodthirsty rampages every night with her best friends, luring their victims through charm and sexuality or simply overpowering them with tricks and violence.

Out on the town one night at Club Colosso for a joint feeding session with her friends, she dances with Zoltan Szabo, a genetic research fellow at the university. They form a friendship based on scientific interests and fall in love at a charity ball held in the ancient castle of Frakno. Emma now realizes that working with Zoltan could be the key to freeing her and her friends from this terrible scourge of vampirism! She must, with great pain, hold back from telling him the truth and from making him one of The Undead.

Her conscience and desire to love Zoltan and live a normal life drives her to find a cure for vampirism and AIDS through original genetic research. She has a chance to rid the world of vampires once and for all and become a power for good.

Contact her at Predatoress.com

As Emma returns from the Undead, her story and life unfolds on her site, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other venues. Fans can reach her directly at any of these web and mobile locations.

How to get the book

Predatoress is available to the trade from Ingram Book Group and Baker & Taylor as of July 4, 2009. Readers can subsequently order and buy it directly at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Waldenbooks, Books-A-Million, and other stores as well as web sites, including Amazon.com and Powell's.

The following ebook and mbook (mobile book) editions are can be downloaded from Amazon, Powell's Scribd, Feedbooks, and most other ebook stores:

* The PDF ebook file for your computer
* The Mobipocket ebook file for your Kindle
* The ePub ebook file for your iPod and iPhone
* The PDB ebook file for your Palm smartphone
* And the LRF file for your Sony Reader

Predatoress is also available totally FREE at predatoress.com, through TrialPay's arrangement with American Express, Apple, Blockbuster, Discover, FTD Flowers, Match.com, Netflix, Real, Skype, Sony, and many others.

A true gift for Vampire Lovers

In the true meaning of the word, the black and red vampire gift box is a one-of-a-kind gift for lovers of the genre, interested or immersed in vampire lore or goth culture. Blood™ is the finest ruby red Zinfandel, the perfect wine to sip while being engrossed in Predatoress. It is available only in the gift package from predatoress.com, until distribution to retail stores.