April 29, 2011

Push Pop Press - Easy DIY Publishing for Anything "i"

The brainchild of former Apple software designers Kimon Tsinteris and Mike Matas, Pop Start Press is the latest digital publishing platform, specifically for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Using Push Pop Press, authors will be able to weave together text, images, audio, video and interactive graphics into immersive multi-touch interactive books, without dealing with the complexities and costs normally involved in software development.
Push Pop Press is currently in private beta being used to build "amazing titles," as the website says. In the meantime, here is what we can expect:    

  • True Ease of Publishing:    Lay out and publish interactive digital books without writing code
  • Multimedia:   Tell your story using text, images, audio, video, maps and interactive graphics
  • Interactive Graphics:   Embed interactive graphics that use the microphone, accelerometer and more
  • Multi-Touch User Interface:   Edge-to-edge content without any distracting toolbars or buttons
  • Visual Table of Contents:   Browse through hundreds of pages quickly and easily
  • Updatable Content:   Update your content without having to update the app.

Updatable content? NOW THAT'S COOL - can't wait to see how it works for us!