October 18, 2015

My Mother's  Holocaust Diary Book, "From Love to Triumph," Is Being "Crowd Published" on Publishizer.com


Publishizer.com is one of the latest entrants in the crowd funding scene dedicated to a particular field, in our case publishing - so we figured we'd give it a try! 


In her epic love story my mother, Susan Kaszas, describes with touching directness, what it feels like to be taken from one's family, to be beaten, cursed at, poisoned, and to witness unspeakable, systematic cruelty. But the hardest aspect of her personal and collective hell was being separated from her one love, her husband, Alex. From Love to Triumph is a love letter to Alex.

It is this love that persists throughout her writing, as the unbreakable golden thread that binds her to life when she is tempted to escape into suicide. Her passionate commitment to her love permeates every day of fear and suffering. It is so strong, she is even more concerned about Alex than about herself, while she is forced into the cattle cars heading for the concentration camps. She says, "It made it easier on me that you did not get to see the long stretch of cattle boxcars we were herded into and I was spared of looking at the expression on your face."

The total devotedness of her heart to Alex gave her the strength to survive the Nazi death camps. The faithfulness of her undying love shines through: "My Dear Alex, you must know that I can't live without love and the only reason I am still alive is that I want to be with you again in this life. If you love me as much as I love you, then my suffering was not in vain."

Love is something that cannot be killed. The body can be crushed, the psyche can be beaten down, but nothing can take love away from the human heart against one's will. That is the meaning and purpose of my mother's survival and triumph.

Today another state, Iran, sponsors terror against Jews, Christians, even fellow Muslims, if they happen to be Sunnis… with "Islamic State" and Boko Haram jihadists committing unspeakable, inhumane atrocites across Africa and the Middle East. One would think we learned our lesson some 70 years ago….

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